General Terms Of Sale


All our services and electronic delivery are regulated by those ”term and condition”. Please read carefully before making any purchase on our website. Ordering product on our website imply that you fully accept the terms and conditions.
Don’t hesitate to print the condition for future reference.

Conclusion of a contract

The content of this website or all others document like our offers, description of our product such as pictures, drawing, description and performance and use of technology including the information related to the usage of new technology exclude Easy Technical Software unless if they are explicitly designated as such.

This is especially true in the case of change and amelioration made by our partners having the technical progress of their product as a goal. Some slight deviation on some of our products are considered as normal and approved and they do not modify the execution of the contracts in any way, except if they are unreasonable for the customer.


The order signed by the customer in the form of a purchase bind him to the contract. We are under the right to accept the contract offer which is found 4 weeks by sending an order command to the buyer. The delivery and the billing are confirmed in writing in the same way, which is, by our Website or directly by phone.


The indicated price on our Website does not include installation, formation or other services. Sending will be done only after electronic payment.
Payments must be confirmed at the latest ten (10) days after the invoice has been issued.
A right of retention is granted to the buyer only if he is bound by contract. The buyer cannot compensate his claim only if they are incontestable or are not legally established.
Prices can be modified at any times according to the increases or decreases imposed by our partners et remain the exclusive appreciation of Easy Technical Software.

Retention of title

All our sales are submitted to the retention of property. In commercial transaction, property ownership is only transferred to the buyer if all the payment in the business relation has been concluded. In case of payment failure, we reserve the right to block the license. Before the transfer of property any right to pledge or cease of payments are prohibit. Resale is permitted only within the frame of the current course of the business market. In case of resale of reserved goods, the seller fully yields the price receivables to the new buyer. If the buyer fails to pay partially or entirely, if he interrupts his payment or doubts about the legitimacy concerning his solvability, he may be refused the right to dispose of product and/or services. In that case, we may terminate the contract and/or reclaim a right of recovery from the buyer. We then have the right to require guarantees on the receiver of the services and/or software, all contract can be terminated at once and as of right. All right of retention or all compensation with the receivables that the buyer could claim against us are excluded. If the warranty values which come back to us according that it exceed more than 25% the amount of all rights covered, we are required to release a corresponding part on request of the customer.
During the period of retention of goods on our property, Insurance concerning the buyer’s property against fire, water and steal will be taken over by us.


The buyer is entitled if the repair failed or if the software isn’t compatible with the buyer’s hardware, to a discount with the initial pricing or to cancel the contract. The buyer’s claim for warranty requires the buyer to indicate the defects within two weeks and the non-visible defects within six months after the delivery of the contract. The provisions listed in points 1 to 3 above shall apply by analogy to all the buyer’s claims arising from proposals or advice given in the performance of the contract or as a result of a breach of secondary contractual obligations. In so far as the buyer can claim damages, they are not affected. The transfer of guarantee rights to a third party is excluded.

If the buyer resells his goods to third parties, then he is prohibited from referring to Easy Technical Software. for legal and / or contractual warranty claims relating to the said products.

If the buyer is a merchant, any complaint concerning the due dates for payment of the claim is not admissible, unless their authorizations have been accepted in writing and legally established by Easy Technical Software.

Compensation, cancellation and refund

Concerning commercial transactions, we are not liable for compensation only for unforeseeable type of damage, Insofar where it has been cause by a slight error on our side. We will not be held responsible for replacement or recuperation of data, except if we have intentionally caused their destruction or by serious negligence on our part. The buyer must ensure that the data is saved and a viable in legible form by a machine so that they can be easily rebuilt. To the extent that our responsibility is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of our employees, representatives and agents. Once ordered by the buyer the latter has a right of cancellation and refund if the request is made within 7 days of the initial sales, by electronic or telephone means, the product MUST NOT BE INSTALLED, the activation key of the product will be canceled depending on the case. In the case of a service cancellation, the product shall not be installed or consumed; otherwise a deduction will be applied.

Product manufacturer warranty

As a product manufacturer partner, we grant the buyer a warranty, which, depending on the choices of it may overlap with its legal warranty rights. The guarantee freely accepted by Easy Technical Software. does not restrict the legal warranty rights of the buyer in any way.

Software subscription

If a buyer acquires a software subscription, this one is valid for one year and will be automatically renew of one year if it is not terminated by one of the two parties at least three months before the expiry date. The year begins from the date of subscription order. Once ordered by the buyer updates for a software product generally take place over a period of one year. Refund for the updates fees is not possible, from the moment at least one update has been delivered or that delivery has not been possible for reasons not specific to Easy Technical Software.


Regarding the delivery of the software, the physical disk is not included according to the conditions listed on this page. The buyer explicitly acknowledges the validity of these conditions from the moment he has ordered the software either on the Fast Support Soft website or with an agent of Fast Support Soft by telephone.
The buyer who refuses to acknowledge these conditions must immediately cancel the purchase of the NON-install product by contacting us by email and / or telephone.

Services and benefits

If a buyer acquires a service: One-off service: by one-time service we mean a service for a limited time according to the agreements and services offered by Easy Technical Software. It is not renewed except with the express agreement of the buyer and has its request by telephone or e-mail. Service subscription: it is valid for one year and will be automatically extended by one year if it has not been terminated by one of the two parties at least one month before the date of expiry of the current one. The year begins from the date of the subscription order. Once ordered by the buyer, the buyer has a right of cancellation and refund if the request is made within 7 days after purchase, electronically or by telephone. A deduction may be made by Easy Technical Software depending on whether or not the service was consummated.

Place of performance, jurisdiction and legal order

1. With respect to contracts with merchants, the place of performance in respect of delivery and payment and legal jurisdiction is set at Montreal-Quebec in CANADA, except if we are also entitled to sue at the location of Or office of the purchaser.
2. If the purchaser does not have legal jurisdiction in CANADA or if his or her usual place of residence is outside the jurisdiction, then the place of jurisdiction will be that of Easy Technical Software in CANADA. This also applies if the buyer’s domicile or habitual residence at the time of the action is not known.
3. The laws of Canada apply here. The provisions of the Uniform Law on the sale are not applicable in the relations between Easy Technical Software. and the buyer.

Security of personal information

We implement all security measures necessary to protect Easy Technical Software. as well as our customers against all access and modification, disclosure or destruction of the data we hold.
1. We encrypt all our connections in SSL format
2. We offer a secure connection via our work platform:
3. We conduct internal audits on the collection of storage and processing of data including
physical security measures, in order to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
4. Access to personal data is strictly reserved to agents of Easy Technical Software. who need to
access it to process them on your behalf. These persons are subject to strict confidentiality
obligations and may be subject to disciplinary sanctions including termination of employment in
the event of a breach of these obligations.
5. In NO CASES banking information is requested directly by our agents and is accessible by them
the payment information is collected via our system PCI DSS and/or our banking partner CHASE
PAYMENTECH via the website directly.
6. Your personal information collected is not sold or communicated to third-party organizations
for commercial or non-commercial purposes. These data are kept only for internal follow-up
reasons and in order to better serve you during your exchanges with our agents.
7. All telephone calls and computer connections with our agents are registered and kept for 6 months in order to guarantee the traceability and the quality of our agents this information is made available to you on written request from you.

Other Agreements

If any provision of these terms and conditions is totally or partially disabled the validity of the other remaining provisions will not be called into question.